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weekly imaging for Top 40 Hit Radio

Get 8 Hit Intros & 2 Hit Mixes every month!

hit intros be like….

I’m Bebe Rexha

and heres my song..

hit mixes be like….

we live here

on your radio station

imaging delivered weekly

ready for air

with your branding

Stay Ahead of the Beat with Club Top 40: Your Ultimate Top 40 Radio Imaging Weapon!

Want your Radio Station to effortlessly sound trendy and be known as the new music leader in the fast-paced world of Top 40 radio?

Look no further than Club Top 40 – the ultimate weekly imaging service for keeping your station sounding fresh and current!

We’ve got the hottest trending songs, complete with custom “Hit Intros” and “Hit Mixes” that feature your station’s name and slogan. Choose Club Top 40 and take your Top 40 radio station to the next level!

Why subscribe to Club – Top 40?

You update your music every month, why not your imaging?
Use Hit Intros & Hit Mixes to sound ‘on trend’ effortlessly… every week..
The ultimate imaging weapon for top 40 radio.

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delivered ready branded with your station slogan & name

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8 Hit Intros Monthly
2 Hit Mixes Monthly

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8 Hit Intros Monthly
2 Hit Mixes Monthly

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get fresh weekly imaging

What is a Hit Intro?

A Hit Intro is where we replace the beginning of the trending song with an altered version which may include an Artist Drop (eg. Hey, This is Rihanna!) and always include your Station Slogan / Station Name using your preferred Voice Talent – in a slick seamless and artistic way.  

The Hit Intro is delivered embedded with the original radio clean version of the song, station branding and in high-quality .mp3/.wav (whatever you prefer).

Take a listen to the audio examples above to easily understand how these could sound on your station!

What is a Hit Mix?

Hit Mixes are a beatmixed audio montage of trending songs which incorproates your stations slogan & station name.

This is a great way to to start the hour or come out of ads!

They give a quick preview of what you play! and that your station is the leader for Hit Music!

Who picks the music weekly?

The combined votes from all Mainstream CHR Stations subscribed to this service help to select the Top 2 Songs each week, which we will turn into Hit Intros.

Pay Weekly, Monthly or Yearly?

Whatever makes sense for you. You can sign up on a Pay Weekly Subscription and cancel your service anytime. Otherwise, you could benefit from special prices on our Pay Monthly or Pay Yearly Subscription options.

Why Top 40 Radio only?

This service is for based Current Hit Radio Mainstream (Top 40) radio stations only. The songs offered each week fit such formats. Songs are usually in English Language only.

How is my station branding included?

In every Hit Intro, we include your Station Slogan of your choice (eg. Hit Music Now!) and also your Station Name (eg. Radio XYZ!).

To keep things rhythmic and impactful, we like to keep the Slogan to around 3 Words (eg. We… Are… Hits!)

what our clients say

Pidi Radio Hit Intros

I really love the ‘hit intros’, they sound renewed and fresh again!

Radio M4

Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The Hit Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.

Manuel Guthman
Ski FM

High level work that gives your station an extra impact of professional sound!

Iain Stables

This Hit Intros are truly KICK-ASS… LFM Audio makes our station to shine. It’s all sounding super slick!

Dylan Garrod
Radio Newcastle Online

Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The weekly Hit Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.

Scott Dewey