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Outsourcing for radio

Great audio is a must when promoting and marketing, stamping your broadcast with your unique identity; but it’s tricky to hit just the right note and to reach out and get your listeners attention, so you need your audio to be effective. Creating great audio take three...

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Get More Listeners for your Radio Station

One of the keys to a highly successful Radio Station is the ability to capitalize on fun, publicized social events (or create them yourself!). If your radio station ratings are lagging, check-out some of our Fast-Track Tips for an increased count of new and regular...

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How Much to charge for Radio Advertising?

Most radio industry consultants agree that there exists a fine but discernable line between devaluation and over-valuing your radio advertising services. But to strike a balance is crucial for real returns and profit, so how do you define radio advertising pricing and...

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Industry Secrets to Sensational Radio Ads

“Television contracts the imagination and radio expands it.” Sir Terry Wogan What no-one seems to be able to accurately converse about (without feeling awkward), is that radio advertising is still viewed as the second class citizen, when it comes to media. However, a...

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The Best Big Brand Radio Ads

Over the decades and ever since radio advertising was born, there have been huge audible shifts in advertisement construction and production. Now we are in an age of a more sophisticated terrain, where artists can enjoy the flexibility to extend their vocal talents,...

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