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Outsourcing for radio

Great audio is a must when promoting and marketing, stamping your broadcast with your unique identity; but it’s tricky to hit just the right note and to reach out and get your listeners attention, so you need your audio to be effective. Creating great audio take three...

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Podcasting Power

Podcasting Power We hear the term thrown about all time but just in case you’ve been too busy managing a radio station, here’s the unofficial ‘Podcasting for Dummies’ Guide and don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you read it. According to research company Edison,...

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Managing your team

The Maori All Blacks Management Team lists no less than ten coaches. Like most sports, the casual fan sometimes fails to recognize how many coaches are involved behind the scenes compared to the number of players on the pitch. If you run a radio show, you’re actually...

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Is it just a question?

Rhetorical questions don’t seem like a very big deal. I mean, what’s the harm in asking a question? Well, if you’re in the public eye (or in this case, the public ear), they can be a big deal. Rhetorical questions – defined as questions that are asked which do not...

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