Radio Programming involves doing the exact opposite to traditional advice given to most professions. For once in an occupation, it’s not about being ‘consistent’; in fact it’s about shaking things up and keeping things interesting and engaging for your listeners.


In order to maintain interest from your listeners, here are our 5 Top Radio Programming Tips : 

  • Regularly Re-invent Your Content

It’s not enough to present good content and interesting segments, what needs to happen next is sort of like an ‘upgrade’. Consider the ways in which you could make your already successful segments even more popular with fresh writing and relevant themes.



  • Know Your Brand / Radio Station Format

If you’re an easy listening radio station then it’s best to stick to content and song selections which suit that dynamic and audience. Going off the beaten path in this instance isn’t helpful, it’s a hindrance to brand / radio station format solidification.



  • Feature Interesting Personalities

Who would add value to your regular scheduled playlist? Can you think of some local personalities or affiliates who could sponsor or endorse an interview? This is a great way to shake up a traditional schedule and keep it fresh.



  • Stay Relevant

How do you get the best of your radio station, by ensuring that your audio production and content is relevant to current events and trends of today. News does matter, not just for air-time but for integration into your radio production and radio programming too. Listeners want to feel affinity with their chosen station, so keep the connection close with relevant and regular commentary on events that affect everyone.



  • Song Switch-Ups / Weekly Playlist Updates

Listeners generally get bored and disinterested with the same playlist over and over, so it’s important to swap songs out/introduce new songs into your playlist weekly – while sticking within your format / brand goals.


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