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A weekly audio delivery service of custom song intros tailored for top 40 radio stations, featuring current and future chart-toppers, ensuring your top 40 radio station sounds fresh, musically on-trend and creatively in tune with the popular hits you air.

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8 Hit Intros & 2 Hit Mixes monthly

Ready for air with your station name, slogan & voice

What Radio Stations Say

Jack’d Up Radio

Their creativity, professionalism, voice talent, turn-around and sound design is the reason why I keep coming back! They always make sure you are satisfied with their work.

Jeff Virgen
Jack'd Up Radio
Like Radio UK

We have been using LFM Audio as our sole supplier for imaging and audio ads for the last 2 years. We receive regular high quality production, which sounds awesome on air!

Ryan Davis
Like Radio UK
Glam Radio

We are very thankful to collaborate with LFM Audio Team, for the professional work and ethics. It’s been a great experience, and we highly recommend your services to anyone who is willing to shine in an audio way!

Gent Efendia
Glam Radio

This Hit Intros are truly KICK-ASS… LFM Audio makes our station to shine. It’s all sounding super slick!

Dylan Garrod
The Fox

LOVE the imaging! The package sounds great on air and is just what we needed to give our station a “boost” to sound bigger, better and more sophisticated than our competition. You guys are great!

Keith Hammond

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Music survey sent Wednesday and audio delivered Friday

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Common Questions?

We can use your existing station voice (provided you sent it to us) or one of our voice talents.

Club Top 40 is tailored for mainstream (Top 40) radio stations focusing on current hit music, primarily in the English language. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping your station’s imaging as up-to-date as your playlist.

We deliver audio every Friday, so you’ll receive 2 Hit Intros each week and 1 Hit Mix every other week.

Club Top 40 is our subscription service that delivers weekly song intro imaging for Top 40 radio stations. With this service, you’ll receive 2 Hit Intros and 1 Hit Mix every other week (a total of 8 Hit Intros and 2 Hit Mixes monthly).

A Hit Mix is an audio montage of popular songs that incorporates your station’s name and slogan. These mixes are perfect for starting the hour or transitioning out of ads, giving listeners a quick preview of your music selection and reinforcing your status as the go-to source for hit music.

A Hit Intro is a customized version of a trending song’s beginning that includes an Artist Drop (e.g., “Hey, this is Rihanna!”) and your station’s name and slogan, voiced by your preferred talent. The Hit Intro is seamlessly mixed with the original, radio-clean song and delivered as a high-quality .mp3 or .wav file, ready for broadcast. Check out the audio samples provided to hear how Hit Intros can enhance your station’s sound!

Please refer to our detailed terms and conditions on our “Legal Stuff” page. Note that if your payment fails, it does not cancel your obligation to fulfill outstanding invoices. Unpaid invoices may accrue overdue interest, and we may refer your account to a debt collection agency at your expense.

Each week, mainstream CHR radio stations subscribed to Club Top 40 participate in a music survey to select the top two songs for Hit Intros. Your input, and that of other top 40 radio stations, alongside the latest Mediabase CHR Top 40 Charts / Top Adds, helps us choose the hottest tracks each week.

In every audio piece, we include your chosen station slogan (e.g., “Hit Music Now!”) and station name (e.g., “Radio XYZ!”). To maintain rhythm and impact, we recommend keeping the slogan to around three words (e.g., “We… Are… Hits!”).

And yes can include your existing station voice – or use one of voice talents!

To sign up, simply select either the “Pay Monthly” or “Pay Yearly” option on our website. You’ll need to enter your credit card information for automatic charging according to your chosen billing cycle.