Legal Stuff





Our Simplified Terms & Conditions

1. Project Briefings must be detailed and thorough. Any change requests or additions outside of original briefing will be chargeable.

2. Pronunciation Guides must be provided via phonetic spelling or audio recording (Names, Businesses, Addresses, uncommon words/pronunciations, etc.). Revisions will be chargeable.
3. Delivery includes 1 take of script provided unless noted in product description.
4. Work parts, raw voicings, and project files are not included.
5. Products are not licensed for editing or reproduction (excl. Video Voiceovers)
6. Audio will be digitally delivered via download link. (Note: We do not upload audio to phone systems)
7. Our terms provide that collection, legal costs, and interest will be added to overdue accounts.


Our UNSimplified Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with LFM Audio, you agree to these terms & conditions by default.

  • Intellectual Property – You understand and agree that any and all work created by LFM Audio on your behalf remains the property of LFM Audio. It is our intellectual property, and we are granting you an exclusive license to use. You also understand and agree that the productions provided shall not be decomposed, deconstructed, copied, or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without our prior written consent. Both parties agree not to infringe upon the intellectual or copyrights of the other.
  • Co-Branding – Each party grants an unlimited license to the other to use company marks, images, trademarks, slogans, and other media in order to promote and advertise the products and services of the other during the Term of this Agreement. Both parties agree to use a reasonable standard of care in using the other’s trademarks, copyrights, service marks, or any other slogan or mark for promotional purposes.
  • LFM Audio grants you/we have your permission by default to display, play, market, advertise, or otherwise present LFM Audio’s work created on your behalf
  • You are not entitled to any royalties for any jingles we have created on your behalf.
  • Disputes – Any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement shall be settled in a professional and businesslike manner. 
  • Governing Law –  This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand without regard to the principles of conflict of laws or choice of law provisions. The parties acknowledge that they have both read and understand the terms of this Agreement, and commit their hands hereunder.
  • Payment – Invoices issued are due within the terms set out on our invoice. If the invoice is not paid within the due date stated, we may pass it onto our preferred debt collection agency for collection and add % interest to such account. All debt collection costs involved in such will be passed on to you (the client). We here are a very reasonable, trusting and friendly bunch.. however, our producers and voice talents need to be paid for their work!. You agree to these terms & conditions by default on order.


Refund Policy

  • Our goal is to provide voiceover Recording, Sung Jingles, and Radio Production Services to our clients with 100% quality and customer satisfaction. LFM Audio is a very professional, experienced and hardworking company, currently working with hundreds of Radio Stations worldwide.
  • Clients’ orders/briefs/projects must contain all information that may necessary for the genre of music, voice talent, special pronunciation and etc. If our clients take place an order we immediately start working on it and we do not accept any cancellation or refund after placing an order.  If a refund is provided it may be in the way of a Credit Note against your account for future spend. However, certain exceptional circumstances can take place regarding our production work. We do honor the request for a refund from our Clients for the following reasons:
  • Non-delivery of work: due to some technical issue if our company fails to provide work within decided time, in that case, we recommend our clients contact us for assistance. The clients may also claim for refund.
  • Approval for work/Feedback: Although we check our work before delivery, an unexpected error may occur; such issue must be submitted to your LFM Audio account manager within 72-hours after delivered the work. Any changes will be made only within that time otherwise it is assumed as approved.
  • Major defects: Pronunciation issue in ‘voice’ which was in fault of the voice talent, which was made clear in the original brief. LFM Audio and the Voice Talent will fix this at no charge. If our Voice Talent does not fix this fault the client may claim a refund. However, if the pronunciation was not made clear at the time of brief changes may be chargeable.
  • Services as not as described: We provide our services 100% the same as described. If our clients may feel any discrepancies in our work you must inform us within three days from the date of the delivered work. Clear evidence must be provided for proof that the delivered work is not same as described.
  • Please note that LFM Audio do not bear any responsibility and we are not required to provide refunds to clients that do not meet the above-stated criteria. Our company is always eager to assist you and deliver highly professional support in a timely manner.