It’s too common for businesses to be dazzled by a flashy campaign or a cool effect when looking for new marketing ideas, without any consideration as to how it actually promotes the company. Sure it sounds modern, or on trend, or elegant, but does it say anything at all about the business apart from the name?

A sure fire way to see if your radio ad is all fluff with no substance is with this easy trick. Take your script and cross out all mentions of your company name, and fill them in with your nearest competitor. Read the ad out and really listen, if the ad reads back as well for your competitor as it did for you, you know that you haven’t found your individual difference. To make really great radio advertising, you must have a script that reflects your company and your company alone.

Don’t be fooled, the scriptwriting could be wonderful! It could be witty and funny or slickly polished, but if it could be used tomorrow with your competitors name in place? It’s not about you.

Know this… the pop, the wow, the flash; it’s merely a way to grab the listeners’ attention so that you can then deliver your message. It cannot be the whole purpose of the ad itself.

Follow up your effects and wow factor with content that makes your company different from the rival down the street. Be sure to present your individual brand and message in all of your advertising.

Think that sounds simple? Many businesses struggle with solid branding and are unaware that their ads suffer an identity crisis.

Consult with and listen to your professional ad writing team (thats us LFM Audio!), they have years of experience in finding the perfect scripting and music solutions for your business. For ads with all of the pizzazz, but followed with content that pops!

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