Anchoring is a term used in psychology and often a pop-term for a fixed reminder of a feeling, thought or experience. So for business, a Commercial Advertising Sung Jingle is one of the best ways to ‘anchor’ an audience to a brand, event or experience. Songs and jingles get stuck in peoples minds all the time, whether a television advert, local carwash jingle or other catchy tune, it’s a long used clever tactic to keep a brand in peoples minds.

So long as the sung advert jingle has good lyrics, a catchy beat and is produced professionally, there’s really no saying how long the jingle may stick around for. Typically, jingles for a brand enjoy a long shelf-life, purely because the build of the jingle is tailored to the values of a business – and inimitable.

For those who think jingles are ‘done and dusted’, not quite yet. Just take a look at some of the biggest brands in the world and you’ll discover that there is a new breed of jingle taking the world by storm, the inventive, eclectic and original movement of eye and ear-catching content. From nike to apple to adidas and more, there’s a new flavor of easy identifiable tunes taking the world by storm – so why not your brand next?

There are a lot of different ways to go about jingles and tailored creation. You can start with your own concept, storyboard and script, handing over to professionals for production, or start from scratch and enjoy direction via experienced jingle makers.

Here are some of our Commercial Advertising Sung Jingles:

LFM Audio specializes in professional, high-grade Commercial Sung Advert jingles that can be both pioneering and catchy. You control the output and end result, we simply take instruction, offer expertise and experience, and at the end of the day, craft something bespoke and original, unique to your needs.

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