What is a Stinger Sweeper & Cold Mixout?

Sting/Stinger –  approx. 5 seconds. Produced with FX & Music. eg “This is ABC Radio“,

Sweeper/Station ID / Liner – approx 15 seconds. Produced with FX & Music. eg “This is ABC Radio, online at ABCRadio.com and on 106.3FM……

Cold Voiceover – Spoken voice only. Mastered (compression, EQ & reverb). No SFX or Music. Delivered ready for air and licensed to be played over music on your radio station.

Cold Mixout – A Cold Voiceover version of a Stinger/Sweeper Script

How to Order a Radio Imaging Package deal?
Click Buy Now on a Radio Imaging Package Deal. You will be asked to submit your scripts and preferred Voice. Finally, choose Payment via your preferred method. Or Create A Quote online at LFMAudio.com/order.
What will my Radio Imaging sound like?

Everything we do is custom produced and freshly produced for your Radio Station. No preproduced rubbish here! We will work for your brief – so make sure you give us as much information as possible as to your Radio Stations format, personality & existing branding.

Can I get a free sample?

We don’t provide samples. Why?… because we only start a project once we fully understand your Radio Stations brief, scripting, personality & format. A lot of works goes on behind the scenes from creative meetings, travelling a voice talent into our studios, studio hire, production labour, administration etc. Along as your brief is solid… we custom design your imaging to suit!

Can I have 2 Voices in my Imaging?

Want more then One Voice Talent?. Get in touch now or after you order and we can set that up *extra charges apply.

Payment Methods?

You can select to pay via PayPal or Stripe (Card Payment) gateways. If you are based in New Zealand, we alternatively can accept Bank Transfer on request.

Custom Package / Quote?

Want your very own Custom Package Deal put together?.. sure – get in touch and we can get you a custom quote quick smart.

What if I’m not happy with it?

If our delivery doesn’t match your brief, we will do everything possible to rectify it for you. We have a 99% satisfaction rate and deliver top industry quality audio…. which you will find obvious just by reading our Testimonials and Facebook Reviews.

What if I change the Scripts following delivery?

All script changes following us starting work will be extra chargeable. Get in touch for a small extra quote.

Terms & Conditions?

Here is all of our Terms & Conditions / Refund & Privacy Policy.

Here are the simplified T&Cs for any work by us.

1. Project Briefings must be detailed and thorough. Any change requests or additions outside of original briefing will be chargeable.
2. Pronunciation Guides must be provided via phonetic spelling or audio recording (Names, Businesses, Addresses, uncommon words/pronunciations, etc.). Revisions will be chargeable.
3. Delivery includes 1 take of script provided unless noted in product description.
4. Work parts, raw voicings, and project files are not included.
5. Products are not licensed for editing or reproduction (excl. Video Voiceovers)
6. Audio will be digitally delivered via download link. (Note: We do not upload audio to phone systems)
7. Our terms provide that collection, legal costs, and interest will be added to overdue accounts.