You’re probably aware that connecting with listeners on social media sites is an important and free way to market your radio station. But are you taking advantage of these platforms to draw in more listeners and keep them involved and engaged? Or are you misusing the site, driving away listeners? Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind:

  1. The “foot-in-the-door” theory is that old adage that people are more likely to do something when they have already participated before, even if it’s just a little bit. So once you have listeners ‘liking’ your Facebook page, put it to use! They’re likely to participate if you give them reason to.
  1. Did you talk about a controversial issue on your show today? Did something happen in the news that was mentioned on your program? Link the story on your page and ask a discussion question. Yes, it’s like we are back in school again, but followers will spark discussion and, indirectly, promote your content.
  1. Or perhaps you played all the new music this morning? Well, put up a poll and ask a discussion question – it’s the same thing! People want to have an excuse to comment, debate and be involved so give them a reason to do it on your platform.
  1. Will you be hosting any upcoming events or be making appearances? Facebook is a perfect time to advertise early and often. That means previews, commentary, background information about the event and a full recap after. Create content that builds off previous posts and people will stay involved.
  1. Finally, avoid using Facebook to blatantly promote yourself. Promotion will come from fan interaction and through people being aware of your station. Instead, deliver relevant news stories, opinion posts or related topics (know your audience!), which garners discussion for you.


There is probably no better way to promote yourself in 2016 than by using social media. By following these helpful hints, you can do so more effectively.


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