One of the keys to a highly successful Radio Station is the ability to capitalize on fun, publicized social events (or create them yourself!). If your radio station ratings are lagging, check-out some of our Fast-Track Tips for an increased count of new and regular listeners.


Fast-Track Tips for More Listeners

1. Join-in on Public Events

To get more engagement you can even target an age demographic too, for example, if you want more young listeners (18 – 30), it’s a good idea to represent your station at the next big music festival. Here, you can set-up a stall with special offers, freebies or games, increasing organic interest and keeping you relevant.

2. Support Local Sports Teams

Have you ever seen a kid’s local football competition? There you’ll find a range in ages, perfect to connect with. Consider either sponsoring a local team, getting advertising space at local fields and signage on jerseys and uniforms. It’s a smart way to increase your regular event coverage and more opportunity for real-time engagement.

3. Create Interaction Opportunities

These days with free social media platforms, it’s easy to create real and free marketing by simply having a few share-able accounts. Applications like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are all excellent opportunities to interact with current fans and listeners while catching onto new waves of listeners. Keep your online content regular, original and fun for maximum impact!

4. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Local Businesses are a gold-mine of opportunity for radio stations. With varied industries and a range of services and community involvement, this is a broad way to gain meaningful exposure via connectivity with local goods and services.

5. Use online streaming tools like Shoutcast, Tune-In or get listed on iHeart Radio

More and more people are listening to Internet Radio on their smartphones. Apps like Tune-In allow listeners to find a radio station that suits their mood really quickly, by listing stations by format & location. There are lots of Internet Radio Station directories online and lots of Apps you can list your stations live audio feed with.


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