• “What are good and bad radio advertising prices?”
  • “What radio stations should I advertise on?”
  • “How many spots should I air on a radio station?”
  • “How much should I spend on radio advertising?
  • “How do I know I am getting the best radio advertising rates?”

These are the first questions on the mind of your prospective clients especially if they have not tried radio adverts before. To land a client for your radio station, you should be able to provide good answers to these questions, therefore it’s essential to have an insight in the matter. A typical example of answers you could give is-

“Honestly, there is so much confusion about radio advertising floating around – I can’t blame you for asking these questions. Why does radio advertising appear to be so complicated? Well it is in fact very straightforward, cost-effective. There are actually no good and bad rates, as different radio stations have different audience size and age-group, so all these are factored in their cost of adverts.

You need to explain the nitty-gritty of how the system work to them to make them understand things better and earn your trust. A typical answer you could have for your client is

“Effective radio advertising for your business/product relies on two major components – the message (the radio commercial itself), and the media (the radio station airing it).At radio XYZ, we focused more on showcasing the value in your product/brand to our listeners to inscribe your brand subconsciously in their minds. And to this, that’s why we charge a little more than others.”


The bottom line is that there are no good or bad rates when it comes to advertising on radio.  Your clients don’t really focus on the advert rates/prices but on the result from the advert placed on your radio station and this should be your own focus, getting results for your clients by making the adverts creative, and targeting their specific audience