Are you trying to build a stronger bond with your listeners? Are you trying to take your radio show to the next level? If your answer is yes, then read on. In this blog, we look into seven excellent tips for making your radio show more interesting and engaging. We’ll focus on building a stronger bond with your listener by giving you tips of the trades that professional presenters are using right now. 

So, let’s get started

Understand your listeners

When identifying your audience, you need to take into consideration the five W’s: who, what, when, where and why? Why are they listening to you? When are they listening? What are they listening on? Where are they listening? Once you can answer these questions, you will be able to identify who your audience is. 

Once you know, you should be aiming to create moments when your audience will say ‘me too.’ You can do this by using your own experiences to create relatable content. 

Pretend you’re talking to one person

Nothing breaks a connection between content creators and their audience quicker than phrases such as “you all” or “hi everyone”. 

Listening to the radio can be a solitary experience. Your audience wants to feel that connection to you (remember the “me too” moments!) If you use more “you, I, us” language, your audience will connect with you. 

Stay in control

You are the host, so make sure you stay in control of what your listener is hearing. Be aware of your voice and how it sounds. You want to remain energetic without sounding forceful by doing this you will be able to guide your listener through your show instead of pushing them. Remain concise a much as possible, don’t ramble and avoid confusion by using short sentences. 

Push boundaries 

If you have started your radio show, then you probably know how things are meant to be done. Sometimes boundaries need to be pushed because the same old thing can get repetitive and boring. Your listeners will figure out your formula and your show will become very same-same. 

Try breaking out of your routine, shaking things up. Provide your listeners with variety and push the boundaries. If it doesn’t work, go back to what you know but don’t be afraid to push them again. Find out what your listeners did, and did not like, treat it as a learning experience. 

Get comfortable 

Find the right position for the mic, make sure your chair is comfortable and have your favourite drink on hand. Listeners can hear discomfort in your voice, and it will make them uncomfortable too. 

Pay close attention to where your microphone is. You might not notice that you hold certain letters or say specific words louder. Make sure your listener is always comfortable listening to you by being aware of your voice in the microphone. 

Keep content relevant

I know we said above to push the boundaries, but this doesn’t mean turning your light-hearted breakfast show into a political hour. If you advertise yourself as a light-hearted breakfast show, then keep it light. If you decide you want to talk about heavy topics, find a way to keep the points relevant to your show. 

Pay attention to social media.

Create a hashtag, start a Facebook page, or search for your show and see what people are saying. Pay attention to what your audience is saying and meet their needs and wants. Most of the time, your audience will be after more information about either thing you have said or the songs you have played. By promoting your social media accounts, your audience has a way to engage with you and find out the information they want. 

Final thoughts

Deciding to create your radio show is a huge step, and it might take a little while to take off but stick with it. Practice makes perfect so rehearse whenever you can, keeping the above tips in mind, and you will create an interesting and engaging radio show. 

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