When considering what direction to take your advertising, you need to consider a 30 second ad on local or national radio. There’s nothing better to get your product or service out there into a potential pool of thousands of customers. Despite first impressions, 30 seconds is plenty of time to convey sales information, just make sure you follow these key points in order to maximise the effectiveness of your ad spot.

Product first – Your product or service needs to be stated at the beginning, optimally behind a sentence or two that creates a need that your listeners can identify with. A good example would be: ‘Pesky mozzies ruining your summer barbeque? Pest-be-gone repellent is the safe, natural way to enjoy a bite free outdoor experience.’ By phrasing it this way, you grab the attention of your listener, describing a common problem and a solution in a matter of seconds.

Next up benefits -Now the key introduction is out the way, it’s time to start elaborating on the benefits. How exactly will your product or service help your customer, what is its key selling points? Keep this section brief, but clear and concise. Don’t leave out important information. For example: ‘Pest-be-gone natural repellent provides long term protection from biting insects, derived from the ginseng root, this natural wonder ingredient has been proven 10 times stronger than chemical Deet based repellents.’

Why buy now? – It’s all well and good to provide information about your product, but what is going to get your listeners up into your store or website? Announce an enticement, a deal or limited time offer. Make it strong, play up availability, create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. IE: ‘For a limited time at any participating pharmacy or our website you can get two pest-be-gone sprays for the price of one. This offer will not be repeated!’

Last call – Wrap up your spot with a brief recap of the products benefits and a call to action. Give them a reason to take action now and no excuses to miss out on the great deal you have just presented them. ‘Visit www.pestbegone.co.nz right now to claim your 2 for 1 deal before stocks are gone, You and your family can enjoy a bite free summer this year with Pest-be-gone.’ Make sure your URL or phone number is easy to remember as often radio listeners are driving and cannot note your details down.

30 second radio spots. The perfect way to introduce, gain interest and gain customers for your product or service.