“Television contracts the imagination and radio expands it.”

Sir Terry Wogan

What no-one seems to be able to accurately converse about (without feeling awkward), is that radio advertising is still viewed as the second class citizen, when it comes to media. However, a lot of that perception probably has to do with the unique differences regarding respective platforms. For example, television is something to be watched whereas radio is more about participation, particularly as it stimulates the imagination and natural word association too.

When radio is done right, advertisements can capture engagement in a more meaningful way than visual presentations. They become an identifier and even a cultural ‘coming of age’ association – whether by product jingle, radio personality catchphrase or other content.

There is huge scope for success in radio, it just requires a new perspective on presentation (to keep up with the trends) and, a reasonable amount of respect for the unique structure of audio-only. In the past the world has enjoyed many hit radio advertisement presentations, from the United Kingdom Marmite production of ‘The Mondays’ (a comical product-placement take on Monday blues), to Fold7 agency’s Audible advert called ‘Where are you?’ (this advertisement capitalizes on listeners current whereabouts, proving that audio-books are truly accessible anywhere, anytime).


How To Make a Hit

Marmite focused on a culture reference (Monday blues) and offered well-timed comedy too. The irony of offering Marmite fans ‘a support line’ for mondayitis, complete with a serious, somber tone (to the effect of a mental health helpline) provided a smooth and sassy peice that shifted Marmite closer to modern day culture.

Paired with ‘m’ letter alliteration (Monday + Marmite), adverts such as this demonstrate how powerful audio ads can be, with:

  •  Clever Cultural References
  • A Good Concept & Scriptand
  • A Great Voiceover Artist