Is your creative team throwing around phrases like ‘an acapella shotgun’ or ‘bumper slogan’? Does it all sound Greek to you?
If you find yourself out of the loop when discussing the art of creating jingles, never fear, we have compiled a list of the more common jargon words so you can decipher your creative peoples conversations

Vocal Group / Singer. The voice artists, the talent, the group of people who put the lyrics to life.
Syndicated / Resung Package. A music package that is pre-recorded for distribution amongst multiple radio stations. The voices and lyrics are changed for each station and recorded over the top.
Slogan. The key phrase you use to identify your station and frequency, IE: Classic hits, the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s on 98 FM.
Shotgun / Sting. A very short, high tempo jingle which can be used as a logo or used anywhere you need quick imaging.
Protection Copy. An all-important back up of your jingle package that your jingle provider will keep safe for future use.
Ramp. A vocal less portion of music just prior to a jingle with can be talked over by the announcer.
Mix. The process of combining sound effects, vocals and music into the final jingle product.
Master. Your final jingle package or single.
Lyrics. The words that are spoken or sung in a jingle.
Logo Line / Audio ID. A short musically sung rendition of your stations name. Sometimes instrumental only.
EQ. Equalisation, programmed hardware or software to change the frequency of noise. Sometimes used to change the tone and pitch of a presenters voice.
Editing. Chopping out unnecessary pieces of sound or music and stitching together the good segments and music into a great jingle.
Dry / Cold. A jingle or voiceover that is comprised of only vocals with no music.
Donut. A jingle layout of vocals, then a music bed designed to talk over, followed by more vocals.
Demo. A playlist from a jingle company showcasing the best of what they do for promotional purposes.
Custom / Composed Jingle Package. A set of jingles custom designed solely for your business. Includes vocals, backing and mixing.
Chant. A phrase spoken by a vocal group in a soft manner.
Bed. The part of a jingle with no lyrics that the announcer can speak over.
Acappella. A jingle that is sung in harmony without music.

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