You’re busy and we want to save you time.

Here, we capture the Radio Imaging task, with production planning and delivery impact as the focus.

We want to ensure that you achieve your stations maximum potential in production value.

Superior Radio Imaging production requires consistently good content.


Could your stations Radio Imaging content be better?

Allow us to reframe the production landscape in a simple way that highlighting the facts, gives instructions for success and offers the core criteria for superior content.


How to Paint by Words (and do it well!)

  • Radio Imaging must paint powerful pictures for listeners.
  • Radio Imaging is a tall task without a visual platform.
  • Sound effects and voice talent are not enough.
  • Invest in an exceptional Writer.
  • Execute dynamic Scripts.
  • Keep content brief (15sec max).
  • Send to us for production.


Forget your Commercial Foes

Instead of competing with your competitors and studying their content, adopt the strategy of looking from outside the box.

As opposed to only seeing what is already being done, pro-actively consider all the things that are not being applied to radio imaging yet.

What creative “picture painting” components are you able to employ, which are not yet being capitalised on? i.e. film preview style story-telling, better quality script writing, fresh and inventive delivery.


The Core Criteria for Superior Radio Imaging Production:


  1. Cut the Crap (aka subtract Stop Words)
  • Omit redundant, reductive words (i.e. was, and, of, the).
  • Keep it punchy and to the point.


  1. Original Writing
  • Think outside the Radio Box.
  • You need dynamic content.


  1. Production Practice
  • Get the Writing Routine right.
  • Review, Edit and Publish: often.


We can help you produce the picture, but first you need to paint.

Use the best paint and brush materials you can – it’s worth it.

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