Some people are afraid of tackling radio imaging script, but they don’t have to be. The number one important thing to remember about imaging writing is to keep it simple. The simpler the better.

You are not trying to be tricky or give out a lot of information, just one clear key idea. For example, which of the following do you think translates better to the listener?

‘90’s tunes available on request 03 678 4356, every evening from 7 till 20pm. Peach 98 FM, for your 90s hits today.’


‘For the best in 90’s music, Peach FM.’

The first example contains three different points of interest; the chance that your listener will recall them is nearly zero. The second has one clear, memorable punch that your listeners can retain.

It’s as easy as that! When writing your imaging scripts keep it as simple as possible.

This idea can be carried through to promo and commercial scripting too. Humans aren’t good at retaining a lot of information from an audible source, you want you want your listener to capture and remember a single key point.

Other things to keep in mind: Anything said last will be more likely to be remembered, so always place the station name at the end of the script.

Always say your station name the same way, ie: not mixing up ‘Peach 98 Fm’ and ‘98 Peach FM’. Decide on the way the station name is said and ensure that all presenters adhere to it. The goal is to imprint it on the listeners mind, consistent repetition is key.

By keeping it simple, you’ll find radio imaging script writing a breeze, your listeners will thank you for it too!