If the thought of writing radio imaging scripts makes you nervous, don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you think. Just remember, the simpler, the better. You don’t need to try to squeeze in a bunch of information. Just one clear message is all you need.

Think about it like this. Which of these do you think people are going to remember better?

’90s tunes are available on request 03 678 4356, every evening from 7 pm till 11 pm. Peach 98 FM, for your 90s hits today.’


‘For the best in 90’s music, Peach FM.’

The first one has three points, but your listeners might not remember them. The second one is short and catchy. It grabs attention, and it’s easy for your audience to remember.

So when you’re writing your scripts, just keep it simple. This goes for promos and commercials too. Humans aren’t the best at holding onto lots of information we hear, so you want your listeners to catch one key point and remember it.

Here’s another handy tip: people tend to remember the last thing they heard. So, say your station name at the end of the script. That’s your call to action.

And remember to say your station name the same way every time. If you say ‘Peach 98 FM’, stick with that. Don’t switch it up with ‘98 Peach FM’. You want that station name to stick in your listeners’ minds, and repeating it the same way each time will do the trick.

Keeping things simple and focusing on your target audience make radio imaging script writing a breeze. And hey, your listeners will love you for it!

Don’t forget a little sprinkle of sound effects here and there for some high-quality sound!

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