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The Cutting Edge Sound of Todays Radio

Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) is a radio format that plays popular and recent music of various genres. By adapting to new music trends, the CHR Radio format becomes the sound of the present.

Creating the right Imaging for your CHR format Radio Station is important for grabbing listeners’ attention, making your station unique, and keeping listeners engaged. Whether your CHR station plays rock, pop, urban or bilingual music, the right image can bring your station to life.

In this article, we’ll explain CHR, how to make the right image for a CHR station, share some examples, and how to get the right image for your station. Get ready to bring your radio station into the present!



Listen to Samples


Above you can listen to and download CHR Radio Imaging demos created by LFM Audio for radio stations worldwide.

These world-class samples let you dive into the world of CHR radio imaging. You’ll hear the energetic sounds and voices that represent today’s hit music. Above you can experience how CHR radio imaging grabs your attention with exciting sound effects and catchy imaging, all carefully designed to connect with modern listeners.

Feel the energy as the imaging smoothly moves from one hit song to the next, creating a vibrant atmosphere. CHR radio imaging is at the heart of the modern music scene, pushing boundaries and presenting hot tracks with style.

What is a CHR Format?


Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR), also known as top 40 or pop radio, is a modern hit radio format that primarily targets listeners in the age range of 18 to 34 years old. However, the broad appeal of current and popular music ensures that the format also reaches listeners outside this core age group. CHR captures the sound of the present and continuously adapts to the latest music trends, showcasing the hottest songs.

CHR stations curate the most recent hits from various genres such as rock, pop, and urban. Radio imaging plays a crucial role in this process, creating a unique personality for each station and embodying the cutting-edge sound of today. This imaging is updated regularly to keep up with musical trends and audience preferences.

One unique characteristic of the CHR format is that it often rotates under 1000 songs in the playlist, keeping the sound fresh and engaging. This dynamic and energetic style immerses listeners in today’s music culture, making CHR radio the best place to discover the next big hit or stay up to date with the latest music.

If you want to turn up the volume and tune into the newest sounds of the modern era, CHR radio is your ultimate destination.


Tips for creating Radio Imaging?

The first step is keeping up with the latest trends in popular music. This informs your station’s imaging to reflect what’s hot right now.

Use artist drops, voiceover, lively sound effects, and dynamic voiceovers to capture the genre’s energy and appeal

Write effective CHR imaging by understanding your audience and their music preferences. This enables you to create a script that resonates with them, mirroring the energy and tone of your station’s music.

In your script, you need to include your station’s name, call letters, slogan, or positioning statement, or emphasise the benefits for listeners like “non-stop music” or “the hits of now.” Promote unique features or shows on your station. The tone of your writing should reflect how your listeners talk in your broadcast area, potentially incorporating local slang or trending phrases. This can make your script feel more familiar and relatable to your audience. Above all, ensure the language is engaging, clear, and direct.

Choose voice talent that connects with your target audience and gives a sense of familiarity

Try different production techniques like layering vocals, adding striking sound effects, and using creative mixing and mastering techniques to distinguish your imaging

CHR radio focuses on quick, attention-grabbing hooks, so your imaging should be concise and powerful.

Stay innovative and continuously seek new, thrilling ways to enhance your modern sound. Its popular these days to have custom song intros made (known as branded intros), which might include an artist drop, eg. “Hey this is Taylor Swift and here is my new song!”.

Remember, effective imaging helps to distinguish your station and keeps listeners tuned in. It’s the unique sound of your station and plays a critical role in defining your brand.

How to get CHR Radio Imaging?


Ready to make your station pop with CHR Radio Imaging? You’ll want to team up with a radio audio production company that’s all about crafting the ‘sound of now’.

Join forces with these audio wizards to cook up tailor-made content, fx, sweepers, sound effects, promos, workparts, and voiceovers. These aren’t just sounds, they’re the heartbeat of today’s top hits, the key to leading the pack in your broadcast market. A top-notch audio production company won’t just create sound – they’ll make a sonic identity that sticks with your audience and has them humming along.

With their assistance, you can elevate your station’s branding and create a lasting impact in the competitive world of contemporary hit radio.

Our Imaging Video Showcases


Creating CHR Radio Imaging


Creating imaging for CHR radio is important to help create a unique and captivating sound for your station. By listening to our above samples of CHR radio imaging, you can actually get an idea of the style and tone you’d like to achieve.

To get CHR radio imaging for your station, there are various production companies and services available (much like us here at LFM Audio) that can help bring your vision to life. So, get ready to experience the sound of now with a CHR Radio Format and CHR Radio Imaging.