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keeps your radio imaging fresh each week

Artist Endorsement

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to make your station sound BIG

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Power Intros allow your listeners to hear their favourite artists introducing their songs on your radio station which heightens their engagement level AND makes them appreciate the music AND your radio station that much more. Our Power Intros have a modern and fresh twist, so you can be sure we’ll make your listeners tune in for longer, and more often.

weekly price

$19.99 (USD)
Ongoing plan. 1 Month Minimum.

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what is a power intro?

We deconstruct and rebuild the intro of a trending CHR songs to seamlessly include your station branding (including your Station Slogan & Station Name). 

what do i get?

Monday – we send out a list of new trending Top 40 Songs for you to vote on. 

Friday – the top 3 songs, as voted by all, are produced into Power Intros and delivered ready for you to use on air.

Delivered in high-quality .mp3 or .wav audio files – mixed seamlessly with the radio edition of the song

why for top 40 radio only?

We have a profound understanding of CHR Modern Hit Radio; this service is designed to help radio stations of that format introduce trending songs in a slick and seamless way.

This service is perfect for Modern CHR Stations who want to sound fresh and STAY sounding fresh!

what voice/script do we use?

In each Power Intro we will include a Short Phrase (this can be your Station Slogan eg. “Todays Hits Here” or “New Hits Now” or “Hits Live Here”) and your Station Name (eg. Mix FM / Radio 1).

These can be voiced by any ONE voice from our Voices Library, or we can use your own existing Station Voices (just send us the Raw Recording).

why a 1 month term?

Instead of charging a setup fee to cover the voicing fees of the voice talents used in your Power Intros, we require a 1 Month Minimum Term.

After that, the subscription will be ongoing until you cancel. Charged Weekly/Monthly.

client reviews

The Power Intros are an excellent way to introduce the newest songs while keeping your station sounding fresh and HOT!. I highly recommend LFM to anyone for radio production.
JT Pulse FM
High level work that gives your station an extra impact of professional sound!
Iain Stables Ski FM
These sound fantastic. The power intros give new music a dynamic sound and gives us the versatility to change how we play new songs.
Jeff Thomas Mix Net Radio
This Power Intro subscription is truly KICK-ASS... we were after a new way to introduce new music. These not only do that in a unique way, but LFM Audio also allows our station to shine. It's all sounding super slick!
Dylan Garrod ZFM
Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The Power Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.
Manuel Guthman Radio M4
Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The weekly Power Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.
Scott Dewey Radio Newcastle Online

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