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Real Imaging Combo


4 Stingers
4 Sweepers
8 Cold Mixouts
1 Voice

Radio Imaging

Refresh Imaging Combo


6 Stingers
6 Sweepers
12 Cold Mixouts
1 Voice

Radio Imaging

Sing It Combo


3 Stingers (Imaging)
3 Sweepers (Imaging)
6 Cold Mixouts (Imaging)

3 Resung Jingles with:
Slogan, Sting & Acapella Cuts

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Cold Mixouts of the same Sting / Sweeper Scripts

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LFM Audio has stepped up our station's production game 100%. For the imaging and the sung jingles they did for the station, they exceed the competition and are very affordable.
Jake Litwin Hit Music Central
Ethan and the team went far above expectation, they came with suggestions and knew exactly what we were looking for. This is what you would expect from the big companies but then you should pay a lot more. Keep your eyes on LFM because they are going to be on the top in this industry.
Robert Bangkok FM
Very friendly. Went out of the way to make sure I was satisfied. Very obvious they cared about making sure that I got what I wanted. I tried to work with several companies that I worked with before in the states and since I was internet now. They didn't care. Never been treated as well as I was with LFM!
Sam Buettemeyer The Fox Oldies

I've purchased many jingles from many different companies, but was never able to afford my own CUSTOM jingles... built exactly for MY radio station -- until now! LFM Audio put my ideas to music. I highly recommend them!

 Lite Favourites

Excellent work. ON TIME, and GREAT QUALITY!

 CKXS 99.1FM

The LFM Audio team offer an outstanding service. They produce something special with the budget you have. Communication is first class and nothing is a problem.

The LFM team are great to deal with. From the 1st contact to the final package. The team kept us in loop. Thank you Ethan, Igor & Team for the pro work!

 Territory FM 104.1

LFM did an excellent job at composing Sung Jingles. They kept me in the loop through every phase.. The package is amazing and better then I imagined.

 WFLN 1480

From creative to the final package, it was hassle free with full consultation throughout. Look no further than LFM Audio!. They provide a totally professional service

 Sun FM

They sound amazing and as polished as the songs we play. I rarely use jingles because they don't match the recording standards but I have to say yours feel right at home between songs.

 Ocean Surf Radio


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