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Sonic Imaging is highly addictive

it will increase brand awareness

listen to sonic imaging examples

Listen for the consistent sonic tune throughout the imaging. 
It’s a cross between Imaging and Jingles. It’s available now. 


Hits 96

Soft AC

WKVA Gold Hits

Hot AC

Radio Central



whats the process?


we learn about your station, music format & audience


we compose sonic tune and save it for future imaging


we voice & produce your new sonic imaging


we digitally deliver your sonic imaging ready for air

introductory offer

Custom Imaging Package. Premium Quality. Any radio format.

little sonic


3 Sonic Stingers
3 Sonic Sweepers
3 Sonic Separators
3 Cold Voice Mixouts
Custom Made to your Scripts

Includes One Voice Talent

large sonic


3 Sonic Stingers
3 Sonic Sweepers
3 Sonic Separators
6 Cold Voice Mixouts
Custom Made to your Scripts

Includes One Voice Talent

serious sonic


6 Sonic Stingers
6 Sonic Sweepers
6 Sonic Separators
12 Cold Voice Mixouts
Custom Made to your Scripts

Includes One Voice Talent

$USD. Payment Plans Available on request.

want a custom package for your radio station?

contact us for tailored custom packages that fit your radio stations requirements, budget and vision. 

Why Sonic Imaging?

Increase brand awareness with listeners

Stand out on air against your competitors

Compliments our Sung Jingles perfectly 

on air worldwide

“Excellent job, We love the intro & the ocean/seagull SFX, it was brilliant! Definitely we will continue to work with LFM in the future, Thank you!”

Blan & Ziya
JTN Radio

“The guys from LFM Audio definitely know what they’re doing! They turned our ideas into a professional sounding package of sweepers and stings, that perfectly matches the sound of MAGIC Top100. LFM Audio and their Voice talents reacted to our individual wishes and precisely integrated them into the production.
All of this without any time pressure or hassle and a very nice customer service.
LFM Audio is the #1 choice for our future imaging needs.”

MAGIC Top100

The reason I’m so stoked with LFM is that I’m starting out a new radio station and I want people to know that the service, turnaround time, quality of work and most importantly a price I can afford is all there. I’m loyal to companies that look after the little guy in business and LFM definitely delivers on that

Caley Hall
Foveaux Radio
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frequently asked questions

What is Sonic Radio Imaging?

Sonic Imaging is custom made audio produced especially for identifying your Radio Station to your listeners. What makes it unique from General Radio Imaging is that we will add your own unique signature tune to each imaging piece. 

What Radio Format does this work for?

Sonic Imaging is always custom made especially for your radio station, target audience, music and station personality. So it works for all formats!.

How to use the Sonic Tune in future imaging?

We keep your Sonic Imaging Tune on file, so all future imaging can have the same Sonic Tune added too. Think of Sonic Imaging like a cross between Imaging & Sung Jingles.

Who writes your Sonic Imaging Scripts?

If you would like Imaging Script Writing assistance we can certainly help you with that. Extra fees may apply. We compose the Sonic Tune for you.

Which Voice Talent can we use?

You can use any one of 120+ voice talents. You can listen to their demos on our Voices Page.

What are Stings, Cold Mixouts, Separators?

Sting –  approx. 5 seconds. Produced with FX & Music. eg “This is ABC Radio“,

Sweeper – approx 15 seconds. Produced with FX & Music. eg “This is ABC Radio, online at and on 106.3FM……

Cold Voiceover – Spoken voice only. Mastered (compression, EQ & reverb). No SFX or Music. Delivered ready for air and licensed to be played over music on your radio station.

Cold Mixout – A Cold Voiceover version of a Stinger/Sweeper Script

Sonic Seperator – Your Sonic Tune made up of instrumentation only. No lyrics. Great to use between features on air.

Terms & Conditions

LFM Audio retains musical rights to the Sonic Tune.
Delivery estimation 2-3 weeks.

Copyright 2020. LFM Audio