Radio Imaging as a topic attracts a lot of attention and interest worldwide,
especially due to the nature of its evolution and continual improvement over time.

With many blogs dedicated to the craft (and art) of radio imaging, there are endless
resources for inspiration, motivation and sharing for fellow radio imaging experts and

Here are some of the very best blogs to date on the topic of radio imaging:

1. Benztown: here is an example of a fantastic real-time resource for radio
production enthusiasts and if you click on the ‘about’ section of the blog you’ll find
a perfectly succinct blog concept that define the purpose of Benztown: “To make
all of us better in what we do by sharing ideas, creative solutions,
production techniques, tips and tricks.” Here you can expect to find organic,
original and highly resourceful and interesting ways of crafting bespoke, superior
output which is anything but run-of- the-mill.

2. Wizz FX: the one-stop shop for radio imaging wannabe’s, newbies, experts and
seasoned professionals (for course upgrades, new techniques and the latest and
greatest innovation technologies). This blog is literally the ready-made resource
for the amateur to decade-long producer. There are free courses, paid courses,
hot tips, tidbits and demonstration material too. Get it while it’s hot!

3. Earshot Creative: run by Steve Martin of BBC (so you know it’s good and got
clout), there’s a fantastic creative podcast, promotional material (in-depth), creative
output analysis and appreciation – it’s a holistic overview of good 
production methods, techniques and stellar deliverables. A must for those in
the biz.

4. Ryan Drean: here’s a guy who has successfully capitalised on a niche and it has
worked. A social site that’s transparent and relatable for producers, reach out to
Ryan and say hi – he’s affable and down-to- earth, with a wide-reaching network
and wealth of up-to- date info on radio production.

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