Good things come in small packages. They also come in unexpected packages. And that’s a good thing because using this concept can help any Programme Director / boss become a better one – one who has employees that are encouraged and inspired. Often, we look for ways to boost morale and teamwork. Fortunately, there are a few things any workplace can do to build a better environment for employees. The result? Happier employees, better production and better on-air content.

  1. Freebies in the staff room: A cheese platter near Christmas time. Nice coffee every now and then. Pizza days after a hard project. In the grand scheme of things, these gestures don’t cost the company much, but they absolutely delight employees. Don’t believe me? Just check your Facebook feed and you’re bound to see friends post small, mundane perks at work. It’s a tiny gesture, but it shows great appreciation.
  2. Early Days: Everyone appreciates time off. If you’re able to grant a surprise ‘1 hour early’ off work time or a day to work on projects remotely at home, your staff will absolutely glow. Of course, this isn’t a viable option for every position or every company, but it’s worth considering. No one likes being stuck at work. So promote productivity rather than hours clocked in! eg. Maybe you can let your jocks Voice Track a few end of show breaks and let them off early?.
  3. Google’s 80/20 Rule: Google, the perennial winner of ‘best place to work,’ has an 80/20 rule, which allows employees to spend 20% of their time working on a project that is outside of their main duty. Not only does this give a fresh outlook and a fun opportunity, but it also gives a fresh set of eyes (and a different brain!) on a project. You don’t necessarily have to do 20%, but even just introducing the idea can start a buzz at work and provide great content for radio.
  4. Creative Celebrations: Birthdays. Christmas parties. End of year gatherings. They’re great, but they can get stale. Why not celebrate accomplishments or send out a group email showing the “Top Ten Ideas of the Year”? Everyone enjoys being recognized and if you can figure a way to celebrate in a different manner, you’ll mix up the mundane.
  5. Know Incentives: A job is just a job. It’s replaceable and it’s sometimes boring. When you’re working for a cause or for an inspiring leader, then things are different. And that’s the key – understanding what motivates and lights a fire under someone. Radio personality wants to host her own show one day? Find a way to show how that can happen. When people are working for more than just a paycheck, they can do some amazing things.


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