Why Should You Use Seasonal Radio Imaging?

Radio remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. With radio stations of different stations spread through pretty much every region of the planet, radio can become competitive at times. If you want to run a successful radio station, it is important to take steps to put yourself ahead of your competitors.

One of the things that you can do is use radio imaging to promote and brand your station. Radio imaging creates a distinctive range of sounds and a feel that allows people to immediately identify your station or radio show. It is quite simple, very affordable – especially when you use something like LFM Audio’s summer imaging package – and extremely effective.

Why Should You Use Seasonal Radio Imaging?

Radio imaging – in any shape or form – can be extremely beneficial for your radio station. It allows you to make your radio station more attractive to listeners while using your air time wisely. To put it simply, radio imaging is a great, affordable way to self-advertise.

Seasonal radio imaging is a form of imaging which involves the use of different sounds, jingles and imaging pieces according to the time of year. Coming into summer, you should consider updating your imaging with a summer theme, such as that offered by LFM Audio.

What Does LFM’s Summer 18 Radio Imaging Package Include?

With summer coming up, LFM Audio has put together a wonderful new package for top 40 radio stations to use to make their material more attractive. It involves a range of different things, all designed to spice up your station and make it sound trendy, fresh, and modern. Some of the things you will get with LFM’s Summer 18 radio imaging package include:


  • 18 summer themed radio imaging pieces which are designed to slot straight into your radio station, freshening it up and making it more engaging and appealing to your listeners.

  • 2 power intros per week for 2 months introducing the newest hit music – completely free!
  • Completely branded content with your station name and information included as you want.
  • Unlimited lifetime usage of all of the pieces that you get.
  • Professionally scripted pieces complete with the exact voice talents that you want, including a choice of Australian, UK or US voices.


If you are looking for something to spice up your radio station and shoot it back to the top of the charts, the don’t hesitate – LFM Audio’s Summer 18 package is just what you’re looking for!

Get In Touch With Us At LFM Audio Today:

Don’t leave the success of your radio station up to chance. Our Summer 18 package has already received rave reviews from trusted clients, and is proving to be an entertaining addition to stations around the world. If you want to find out more about how our Summer 18 radio imaging package can spice up you top 40 radio station, get in touch with our friendly team at LFM Audio today!

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