Here at LFM Audio we take pride in being a high-quality production company who can work with you to develop audio solutions for your business needs. In addition to our ever popular radio imaging package creation, we now offer radio imaging script writing services. This means that, instead of having to bring a script to us, we can now create one for you. This reduces the amount of work that you have to do to, increases the quality of the final piece, and reduces the turn-around time.

However, you still need to give us an idea of what sort of elements you want your radio imaging piece to contain. Below we will outline some of the more important aspects of writing radio imaging scripts, and we will look at a few of the things that you need to consider when ordering radio imaging piece.

What Do I Need To Think About When Ordering Radio Imaging From LFM Audio?

Radio imaging is a great way to build brand awareness and increase exposure for your radio station or show. However, it can be difficult to write a decent radio imaging script, especially if you’ve never done that sort of thing before. Consider the following:

Is There Any Special Content You Want Included In Your Imaging Piece?

If you would like any special or unique content included in your radio imaging piece, you will need to note it down and tell us so that we can include it in the script. Think about things like special deals or offers that you want to include, any artists or news you want to feature, and anything else that needs highlighting, especially if you’re ordering a short-term imaging piece.

While we are experienced and good at writing top-notch radio imaging scripts, we can’t read your mind – so make sure that you talk to us about what you want!

Do You Want To Use Specific Music/Sounds?

Radio imaging often works best when it is paired with a certain station theme or style. This means that you might want to use specific songs or sounds in your imaging piece. Again, we can’t read your mind, so you will need to tell us what sort of things you want to include so that we can weave it into the script.

How Are You Going To Stand Out From Your Competitors?  

You also need to think carefully to work out how you are going to make your radio imaging stand out above that of your competitors. Radio stations and shows throughout the world use imaging every day, but only the best really stand out above the pack. But don’t worry – we can help if you need us to.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

If you would like to find out more about our radio imaging script writing service, then reach out to our friendly customer service team today! We are experienced, we know what we are doing, and we are fully equipped with everything we need to write and record the ultimate radio imaging piece for your needs!

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