When we say radio, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably music. People tune in to a station to listen to their favourite kind of music, or catch up on new artists and new songs. There is, however, much more to radio than just music.

Spreading The Word

For the Twitter generation this may sound like an alien concept, but the airwaves provide a safe, secure channel to transmit emergency messages. Although mobile and broadband networks are more convenient and more familiar, the reception could break down in severe weather conditions. Radio frequencies are a trustworthy, reliable channel that can be accessed in any kind of weather condition, or other kinds of emergency situations. Another advantage of radio is that it is a single point of communication, unlike social media where you get messages and updates from a multitude of sources. The message delivered through radio comes from a single, reliable source.

A Platform For Conversation

An often underrated feature of radio is that it is a platform to hold conversations and exchange ideas. What makes it an ideal platform is that you can carry radio anywhere and everywhere. You could be working out in the gym, taking a walk, or driving to work while listening to a debate about a current social issue or a discussion about arts and culture. And the best part is that the debates and discussions can be interspersed with your favourite tunes. Talk about a win win situation. Radio offers a much more immersive medium for conversation than television or social because the listener has less distractions compared to a viewer or an internet user.

The Original Multi-Tasker

Radio is one medium that can be used for a variety of purposes, apart from streaming your favourite tunes. It is a multi-tasking media, which provides a reliable channel for music, conversation, and much more.

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