Over the decades and ever since radio advertising was born, there have been huge
audible shifts in advertisement construction and production. Now we are in an age of a
more sophisticated terrain, where artists can enjoy the flexibility to extend their vocal
talents, and where production teams can be a little bolder and experiment with

When we think about a brand like coco-cola, two things come to mind – the red can (or
bottle), and the sound of it cracking open to an ‘Ahhhh’ sound. Big brands like coca-cola
know that marketing needs to optimise for various platforms and respective scopes, so
they’re a prime example of a brand that really has every sensory aspect covered (i.e.
bright red = visual prompt and ‘ahhh’ sound = audio stimulus).

Coca-cola is a brilliant example for younger brands, of how to set-up simple word,
experience, sight and sound association, via premium presentations and production. It’s
true that most brands don’t have anywhere near the cash to splash on advertising as
coca-cola does, but remember, every brand started somewhere – it takes time!
In the last decade, coca-cola has noticeably increased its brand association with
seasons and feelings. There are the emotional ties to the exhilaration of rock concerts
(where coca-cola sponsors major international events), experiential ties to hot summers
(i.e. cool down with coke) and icy winters (where coke provides energy for ski slopes).
This is clever, because not only is there a range of comprehensive attributions to life
experiences and emotions, but there’s also ample audio opportunity for advertisements
(seagulls, waves and can cracking open in summer).


Become the Best

Focus on being the best in your domain – in product and marketing. Devise a brand
baseline that allows room for growth and current experience/emotion associations –
whether in daily life routines or cyclic events (seasons).

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