Social Media is a free, fast, forward-thinking modern radio station marketing tool, to get superior engagement with your listener base. Management can be as easy and straightforward, or intricate and detailed as you wish – and that’s just one part of the beauty in bespoke content creation.

With extensive instantly recognizable social media channels now available such as Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, there are opportunities everywhere for extensive brand exposure. So too are there share-ability features and highlights for enhanced engagement, along with increased real-time connectivity options, right at the tip of your fingers, twenty-four hours a day.

What is really crucial to good social media management is a plan of attack and a structured schedule. Currently, there are lots of options for channel direction and output. You can hire a social media manager (either in-house or externally), do it yourself (cost-saving method), or go all-out and hire a media consultant to study your brand, provide a plan and execute a prime roll-out strategy.

Whichever method of management you choose, it’s smart to tailor your content so it resonates with your specific audience base directly. Think about ways to generate bespoke material which is both share-worthy and connected to your brand, industry or values. Taking the time to plan before roll-out will pay off in the end.

Here are two Ways to Use Social Media for your Radio Station:

1. Make Your Mark:

Often, the most shared posts are an entertaining quote which resonates to experience, belief or observation. If you can pick-up on widely held views, and put your logo on a meaningful quote, you’ve got instant share-ability and increased brand association too!

2. Competition Engagement:

Make competition entries solely via social media to increase your organic and longstanding followers. It’s literally a win-win situation for you and your fans!

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