If you are looking for a career in a fast paced, exciting, evolving industry, then a future in radio might be just the thing you are looking for. There are so many roles within a radio station from announcer to sales, and there is a position for most personality types and skill sets.

Sounds good? You’ll find it a lot easier with tuition in radio broadcasting under your belt.

Not only will tuition put you head and shoulders above other job applicants, but training in radio can also open doors to other careers such as music engineering, creative writing, sales and marketing and public relations.

Luckily for Kiwi students, New Zealand has a number of respected learning institutions that will provide training in all aspects of radio, preparing its students with real world, practical skills enabling them to easily slip into the professional radio world.

NZ Radio Training School

With campuses in both Wellington and Auckland, the NZ Radio Training School offers a shorter 18 week foundation National Certificate in Radio and a longer 36 week comprehensive Diploma in Radio Journalism.  NZRTS is fully accredited and boasts an admirable job placement rate of up to 80%. And it’s not just announcing. Technical, advertorial, production, operational and even admin skills are covered in this well rounded school.

NZ School of Radio Logo

Based in Tauranga, with a core course lasting 20 weeks, the NZ School of radio also offers short one day training events covering the basics of radio, announcing and operating the sound desk. This is a great option for those students wanting to try it out before committing to a full time diploma or certificate. The longer course offers limited class sizes, tuition from experienced tutors and guest speakers. Work experience and trips to major Auckland stations are included in this National Certificate in Radio course.


At CPIT in Christchurch, a general broadcasting school is operated focusing on journalism, radio broadcasting, film and television production and post-production. Getting a degree in radio broadcasting communications at CPIT will take 2 ½ years fulltime, but is well worth the time as the New Zealand Broadcasting School is well renowned and respected at home and abroad.


Do a Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in Radio at AUT, which is the only university in New Zealand to offer a radio degree. Based in the capital Auckland, this course enjoys access to major stations, professional experienced lecturers and first class opportunities. Enjoy cutting edge technology and techniques in this comprehensive three year degree amongst the finest in radio.




And lucky last, Wintec in New Zealand offer a one semester full time Certificate in Radio Broadcasting (Level 4). Based in Hamilton (Waikato).

For a small country, we punch above our weight in first class radio training.

See for yourself why so many happy kiwis and international students enjoy top quality education in radio with these institutions.


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