A radio station’s slogan is a short sentence that should summarize the radio station. It briefly sets the mood, content, and style. Having a slogan like ‘Today’s Hit Music’, we can already guess what this radio station is all about and even what music they play.

Top Radio Station Slogans

It is not a secret that the most popular slogan line is related to “Top Hits / Hit Music / Biggest Hits”. Simply because people love popular music. It is simple, catchy, and usually refreshing. As one hit becomes out-of-date, another one arises. That’s why we can hear a ‘Top Hits’ like radio station slogan all around the world. Some popular examples are the following:

  • Capital FM: Number One Hit Music Station!
  • 2Day FM: Sydney’s Hit Music Station.
  • NJR: Hit Music Only.
  • Z100: New York’s Hit Music Station.
  • ZM: Hit Music Lives Here
  • LFM: Hit Music & Dance

Do they sound familiar to you? Probably because these slogans within the radio industry are well overused in my opinion.

Interesting and Popular Radio Station Slogans

Well-known slogans differ depending on both radio station format and location. For example, rock music radio stations use slogans like these:

  • Rocking all day.
  • Best rock music station.
  • Rocking with you.

Besides, some lines from rock hits are known by almost everyone who is a devoted fan. That’s why you get radio station slogans like:

  • We wanna rock with you (I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sisters).
  • Rocking all the way with you (Rockin All the Way – AC/DC).
  • Heavy metal is for everyone (Metal Is for Everyone – Freedom Call).
  • Highway Rock (Highway Star – Deep Purple).

You can find lots of original slogans created using famous lines from songs. Lots of rock radio stations combine words Top, Rock, and Hits to invent a catchy slogan.

Local Radio Stations Slogans

So what should a Local Radio Station include in their radio station slogan? You guessed it…. the region name! Just like with Z100 and 2Day FM. While it is not actually original, having such a slogan with your region’s name included gives your listeners a clear idea that your radio station is local to them. It helps to create a better local relationship and certainly will help make an impact on local businesses who could be possibly booking radio advertising on your station.

By the way, there are a lot of popular yet original radio station slogans. Mostly, they are acceptable for radio stations with pop and relaxing music.

  • Made with love in City Name.
  • Number one radio in Region.
  • From the heart of the State Name.


The main task of every radio station slogan is to sell the understanding easily of what the radio station is about. Does it focus on music or news? What kind of music does it broadcast?

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