Podcasting Power

We hear the term thrown about all time but just in case you’ve been too busy managing a radio station, here’s the unofficial ‘Podcasting for Dummies’ Guide and don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you read it.

According to research company Edison, Podcasts are growing at a rapid rate, sprouting up at more than 25% per year!* So what’s in it for Broadcasting? Surely it’s a distraction from the core deliverables, or is it?

But let’s start with the basics:

What are Podcasts?

  • Non-live Recordings.
  • Free Digital Audio Downloads.
  • Typically generated within a Topic Series.
  • Often delivered as Daily or Weekly Installments.
  • Fans and Listeners can subscribe to your Podcast Channel to receive instant updates as your new material is released.


What is Podcasting Power?

Essentially, it means maximizing and optimizing the links between your Radio Station Content and Podcast material.

There’s a pre-existing illusion that Podcasting would be a potential deterrent from Radio Station engagement, however, this minimizes the huge potential for bigger and better engagement, between the two!

Within the two worlds of Radio Content and pre-recorded Podcasts, lives the ‘sweet spot’. A place for linkage that is bespoke, tailored to your Radio flavor.

And just as other custom-made services like Radio Imaging and Sung Jingles better anchor your listeners to your content and style, so too can Podcasting, when integrated with bespoke features, relevant Topics, and sharp editing.
How do we Podcast our Brand?

  1. Engage customized audio providers (like LFM Audio) for bespoke content Hooks, Jingles, Plugs and Anchors (i.e. Sung Jingles and Radio Imaging).
  2. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just start with a Topic that’s: Popular today & Relevant to your Station.
  3. Deliver consistently: give your new audience a chance to connect and appreciate this new forum for connectivity.
  4. Record Statistics: maintain a log of engagement on your first Topic. Little interest? Try a new Topic when the first one is done. Lots of interest? Add value by recruiting celebrity speakers to comment, or conducting street interviews and fun, novelty features!

So there you have it. There’s Power in Podcasting. Go get it!


Author: Abby Kempe

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