Can’t get the jingle you heard on the radio out of your head? Well, right there we have the many benefits of radio advertising in a single line – it sticks with you, is delivered directly to you, and the repetition of the jingle throughout the day makes it a cost-effective medium for advertisers.

Advantage Radio

What makes radio such an effective marketing mouthpiece is rooted in how we experience and interact with sound. The fact that we remember our nursery rhymes, our favourite songs, and our favourite jingles points to the incredible staying power of sound in our memories. Once a catchy audio script plants the product is planted in the minds of the listeners, it leads to a tangible return-on-investment for the marketer: increased sales of the product, increased consumer enquiries about the product.

The Trusted Voice

Another important, but often ignored, aspect about radio advertising is the bond that exists between an announcer and their audience. Most of us have a favourite radio announcer (or a couple of them) that we listen to. If they ‘recommend’ a product or talk about a brand, the message would definitely increase interest in the listeners. Their voice can act as an effective word of mouth marketing for the product.

Convergence With The Internet

The internet has become the de facto communication medium of our times. Radio has made a seamless transition from transistors to the virtual space, but the interesting development is how a radio ad affects the modern day consumer. A research conducted by Commercial Radio Australia has shown that how 78% of listeners who listen to an ad engaged in product-related digital activity – check the website, visit the Facebook page, or a Google search. This statistic makes radio advertising an affordable

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