spreaker_pricesMaxx FM broadcasts online using a platform called Spreaker. Maxx FM loves it due to its seamless integration with the major social networks, its easy-to-use software and for the range of external programs available for use in conjunction with the application.

Spreaker is a web and mobile application that enables hosts and audio creators to broadcast their shows, tracks and playlists to listeners around the world. The DJ console can be easily accessed via the site or its mobile apps, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.Users can upload pre-recorded material or broadcast live content. Spreaker also allows for  easy sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, by email and through the iTunes store.

The application also provides embeddable players for any website. Alternatively, pro users can use external programs to broadcast with spreaker. Available to Windows users are Sam Cast, Sam Broadcaster and Winamp + Edcast, while Nicecast is available to Mac OS users. The free Mixxx application can be used on both operating systems.

Upon signing up, users have a Basic (or Free) account, which allows for up to 30 minutes broadcast time and 10 hours audio storage – this includes storage for each show or track broadcast. Users also have the option to upgrade to one of four plans, ranging from $6.34/mnth for 45 minutes broadcast time and 100 hours audio storage, to $151.27/month for unlimited live broadcast, 5000 hours audio storage, audience analytics and increased visibility on the site.


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Here is a audio sample of the Radio Imaging we produced for Maxx FM

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