Radio is no longer solely the realm of the rich and experienced. The advent of internet radio means that anyone with skills, personality and a go-getter attitude can run a successful radio station.

The beauty of internet radio is that you can reach a wide variety of people quickly, even all over the world from the comfort of your own home, no huge expensive antennas or satellite dishes required.

If you like the idea of creating your very own station full of your own style, music and ideas then read on, the following is quick and simple guide to setting up an at home internet radio station.

You could conceivably start using very basic using items already in your home and pre-installed on your computer, but if you want a professional sound and edge there are a few things you’ll need.

  • Internet Connection. You will likely need to have a ADSL internet connection
  • Radio signals eat up RAM and power like nothing else. Avoid the complications this will cause your own PC by using a dedicated server or computer to run the station.
  • Headphone & Mic. Try a headset that incorporates both a mic and earphones, an easy use combo that allows you to move about freely during your broadcast. Also consider a headphone amplifier if you intend to have guests on the show.
  • Automation software. To combine all your audio sources/music into a seamless smooth professional signal audio stream ready for output.
  • Stream host. There are multiple services available, choose a shoutcast / icecast host that enables flexibility and scheduling in an easy format.
  • Don’t run afoul of the law by failing to get proper permissions, if you are using anybody else’s music or script you must get licensing. Small local bands may give individual permission, but services like can provide you with a huge catalogue of sound for a variable fee. Try creative commons for free music if required. Also check governmental regulations surrounding advertising if you will be broadcasting ads.

Now you’re ready to craft and broadcast your station! Remember though that good radio is all about personality and radio, all the equipment in the world will never be as successful as engaging content, great music, and relentless promotion. So take the time to plan your broadcasts and develop your skills, you’ll have a legion of loyal listeners in no time at all.

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