Come the holiday season and people begin to wind down from work and other professional commitments and get into a more relaxed frame of mind. For radio stations, the converse is probably true. The festive season offers the ideal opportunity to attract more listeners and generate increased sales for their sponsors.

Riding The Reindeer On The Airwaves

People want to be happy during the holidays. Period. The best way to make someone happy is to give them something for free – a gift. It works even better if that person is allowed to win his or her gift. Radio stations can tap into the festive mood and offer their listeners a variety of promotions that tie in with their advertisers. This is a win win for the station where they get more and more listeners to tune into the on air contests, which in turn allows the advertisers to promote their products.

The Promotions

With a little bit of effort and lateral thinking, a radio station can strike Christmas gold with their contests and offers. Some of the promotional ideas that work really well with the listeners include:

guess the numberGuess the Number

People call in to the station and have to guess the number that matches that of the gift voucher. Each listener is given three chances. The vouchers could be gift certificates ranging from $50 to $100 that can redeemed from the sponsor stores.

Multiply the Joy

This contest offers listeners to win multiple items of the same item. It could be video game consoles, tablets, or even TV sets. All that the listeners have to do is visit the sponsor’s location and register.

Call in Checks

This is perhaps the most simple contest idea, and one of the most effective as well. The listeners have a five or ten minute window to call in and claim a sponsored gift cheque.

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