Many people today believe that radio advertising is old and out-dated. It’s been said that radio adverts are ‘irrelevant’, but the truth is that the radio industry and listener base remains substantial and continues to grow with technology.

Why Does It Work?

If your goal as a business or service provider is to get:

  • New Business
  • Real-time Engagement
  • Regular Exposure

then radio advertising is something you should consider.

Radio advertising offers an opportunity to connect with regular listeners, leaving fixed impressions and audio cues to your brand, business and message. Audio messages can include things like General Radio Commercials, Sung Jingles, Commercial Skits and Stories, Radio Imaging Sponsorship and much more, so there are many ways to stay in the mind and memory of a wide-reaching audience, increasing your chances at gaining new business and real-time engagement.

Be aware however that ‘you reap what you sow’ in terms of it working. If your advertisement is poorly scripted or an amateur commercial production, this could compromise your good intentions. It’s vital that you either create the skills needed on-site, or procure professionals to do the job well.


Why Doesn’t It Work?

When the message isn’t clear or the presentation is sub-standard, radio advertising won’t work. This isn’t in and of itself due to being an radio commercial production, it’s because the potential reach has been compromised by poor delivery and falls flat.

People only remember services and brand names which are either relevant to their needs or that are recognizable, so to increase engagement, you need to be consistent, clear and entertaining (or interesting) in your message.

Many businesses become disheartened when their radio comercial doesn’t do well, but more often than not, the cause is poor planning and/or execution, not a poor platform choice.

As people say, ‘if you’re going to do something, do it well!’.