To be a lone wolf on-air is not a good idea. You would have a hard time gaining listeners for your podcasts or radio station. With advertisements only, it is hardly possible to get a lot of fans who would stay with you all the way. So, why not to ask somebody else for help?


Who are Influencers?

An influencer is a blogger, podcaster, narrator, etc. who has their audience of listeners. They are experienced people who know how broadcasting works, what to say, and what to avoid on-air. That’s why it would be great to have influencers as your support. They can help you a lot.

By the way, don’t stick to radio or podcast influencers only. There are a lot of great people on Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube as well.


How Can Influencers Help You Out?

The most obvious way is the shout-out. They can mention your show, radio station or podcast while broadcasting. This works pretty well, but not as efficient as you might think. Only a small part of listeners would like to check you out. And even fewer people would stay and listen to your shows.

The shout-out works like a regular ad. Thus, it can be avoided by people with ad blindness – people who don’t notice ads at all. Also, a shout-out can be pricey, and some influencers do charge a lot for it.



The best way to work with other people is to collaborate with them. To have a conversation with them on the air, quiz each other, work together on a project. That’s a great way to become familiar with an audience of that influencer and get more fans.

Of course, you cannot get in touch with someone who has millions of listeners right away. But there are hundreds of people who have rapidly started gaining attention. They are your target influencers as they are much more likely to cooperate with you.


Is It All?

Obviously not. Collaboration creates hype because it is interesting to hear two authorities discussing something. It is curious to follow the confrontation of their ideas and the final solution/agreement/compromise. Moreover, while working with several influencers, you will likely have an infinite source of ideas about what topics to cover, how to make your show even more attractive, and efficiently promote your channel. Visiting someone’s show, you will surely have an interesting topic to talk about.


What Kind of Collaboration to Practice?

The most obvious is a visit. You can help out someone by making an evening show more exciting. Yet, there are a lot of other options. A challenge is engaging and everyone is thrilled to find out who will win. Specifically, if a challenge involves a bet. For example, one who loses has to give $1000 for charity. This is intriguing and nice at the same time.

Working together on a project is also a good idea. For example, you two can make a morning show or a video blog. This increases the chances you will be recognized, and people want to check you out as well.

Speaking about videos, don’t forget about influencers on other platforms. It would be great to get on the stream of someone with a channel closely related to yours. Don’t limit yourself to speaking only. There are lots of activities you can do to reach popularity.


What Kind of Influencers to Look for?

If they do a podcast about politics, and you mostly speak about cars, such a collaboration won’t work out. This is pretty obvious. Instead, look for people in the same niche.



Influencers are the most efficient way of gaining popularity. They provide you with reach and possibilities to speak to the wider audience regularly. The most efficient way of working with influencers is collaboration. There is much more interesting stuff to work on than making an ad for another guy. It’s beneficial for all participants: you, influencers, and your listeners.