When we listen to radio advertising, the marketers would like us – the consumers – to believe that their product is the best you can buy. And for the most part, we buy into that promise. But when the phrase ‘competitive price’ is mentioned in the ad, our instincts tell us to stay away from that product.

An Overused Ad Phrase

We have all had that moment when a cleverly worded script, a catchy jingle, or a brand new merchandise has made us desire the product. An ad that uses precious seconds to say that their product is ‘competitively priced’ is just wasting their time, money, and most importantly, the attention and desire of the consumer. We have grown smart to this overused ploy. For one thing, the people have realised that the phrase provides no tangible benefit to them. In most cases, the merchandise is as costly, or even more expensive, than the competition.

Mentioning The Competition

A cardinal sin that must be avoided by all forms of advertising, and not just radio, is never to mention your competitor’s product, even if it is to mock it. This will only draw the consumer’s attention to the other product. The ‘competitively priced’ angle creates the same effect in our minds. Why would any level-headed marketer want to spend money to promote their competition?

Focus On The Product

The market is a tough, competitive place where millions of products clamour for our attention. The best way to make a mark with the product is by focusing the ad on its unique benefits and features rather than mention something as generic as how much it costs. If the benefits appeal to the consumer, we will buy the product no matter its price tag.

A radio ad is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to hook the attention of the consumer: an opportunity that should not be wasted.

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