It has been many years since scientists discovered the difference between the brains left and right hemispheres and the role they play in how we think and act.
The left brain loves facts, lists and makes use of logic and rationality, while the right brain deals with creativity, helping us process music, visual images and imagination.
Most people have an understanding of how our brains work… so why, in the creative auditory world of radio, are so many advertisers stuck in the left brain mind-set?

It’s important to remember that most advertisers are made up of businesses and companies who rely on facts and figures, it’s easy for them to process and see the benefits from rows of lists and numbers. What is hard for them to sometimes do is understand that most people like their customers don’t usually work that way.
Too often the client wants their radio advertisement to list product features, compare percentage points and facts. This is all very appealing to the client of course – but misses hitting the everyday listener where it matters – in the right brain, where desire and emotion is cultivated. Never forget that emotion is the key factor that drives purchasing decisions.

Great radio advertising doesn’t cram a lot of information in; it creates a story, it paints a picture that engages the listeners mind. Your prospective customers probably aren’t going to be listening to, let alone retaining a block of words, but they will remember something that entertained them, or creating a picture in their mind, a feeling – an emotion.

Let’s make this long story short.
Your listeners will find it very hard to process left brained concepts (lists, facts, figures), through a right brained medium like radio. You need to think creatively to trigger the emotional part of their mind.

If you are concerned that your radio ads are leaning a little too far to the left, get on contact with us here at LFM Audio, we know how to turn your ideas into effective productions that will get right brained results!

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