Got a great idea for content? Excellent! But before you dust your hands off this task remember that finding a great topic is only twenty percent of the job. Finding methods to present the topic in a way that will engage a large portion of your listeners is in another ballpark altogether – and arguably the most important step in driving ratings through content.

So how can you be sure your content is suited to your aim of wide appeal and boosting ratings?

  • All listeners, all the time.

Every topic is a niche topic at heart. It’s your job to find different angles and talk about it in a way that will capture the attention of as many people as possible. For example talking about escalating house prices in Auckland may only appeal to those considering buying in the region. However as soon as you include its potential to impact rental prices, transportation and comparisons to other areas you have instantly hit the nerves of many different types of people.


  • Get personal.

Go practical by applying the content directly to their own lives; this is a much more personal way to involve them. For instance, instead of focusing your content on how the victims of an email scammer have been impacted, informing your listeners how they can keep themselves safe and watch out for scams would have broader appeal.


  • Use your audience for inspiration.

There’s nothing like getting the audience involved to make them happy. Ask them to call in with items of interest or local stories, perhaps offer a prize for the best information of the week. Not all of it will be good or a crowd pleaser, but with enough information it can help you keep in the loop of what your listeners are engaged with.


  • If it’s old, get original.

Nothing could be less appealing than hearing yet another opinion or piece with the same angle as every other station. You must capture interest with your listeners with new perspectives, the trick is to keep in mind your broader audience and not alienate them. Remember that the popular opinion does not have to be the most appealing one. It is up to you to find the balance.


  • Get cut-throat about quality.

It’s not enough for content to be just OK, your listeners have no way to fast forward or tune out what’s not interesting to them. The only weapon they have is to change the station, which is a huge disaster. Be very critical when selecting and planning content, don’t be afraid to give it the chop if it doesn’t have broad appeal.

Boost your ratings using content? No problem! Be original, choose quality and always find the broader angle.


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