While most people curse a little when a catchy repetitive jingle gets stuck in their head, only few stop to think about the reason it stuck there.

The truth is that advertisers spend a lot of time and often pay big bucks hiring firms to craft a repetitive combination of music and words all in the hopes of creating an earworm of a hook. Contrary to many listeners opinions, it’s not simply to bug the living bejeezus out of them, it’s to harness the advertising power of frequency.

Research shows that the more times a statement is heard, the more truthful it appears to the listener. This can work over long periods of time, which is how Loreal has convinced us that ‘You’re worth it’ for the last 40 years.

Or short periods of time, as it only took one viewing of the Energizer Bunny ad to have people chanting ‘It just keeps going and going and going…’

These types of jingles may strike some advertisers as cheesy, but most types of businesses can benefit from repetition in their advertising.

Some choose to repeat ideas rather that phrases within an ad for a similar effect, or simply choose one great tagline to scatter liberally through their various ad campaigns and social media.

Associating a product with a catchy repetitive slogan or jingle will lodge it the mind of the listener, so much so that their product is always the first to mind.  When cola is mentioned, do you hear Coca Colas ‘taste happiness’ jingle? Or ‘Im loving it’ when the word hamburger is said?

This is no mistake and part of a seriously thought out marketing campaign.

The effectiveness of these jingles are second to none, the magic of clever repetitiveness can be captured for any business or product big or small, it just takes a creative and talented marketing team to tease it out.

Find out if repetitive advertising can work for your station with the team at LFM Audio.





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