Playing a new song is always a dicey moment for any radio station, new music is essential to keep the playlist sounding fresh but if you pick the wrong thing or schedule it improperly and you could turn your listeners off.

What are the best ways to choose, schedule and promote new music that will keep your loyal listeners on your good side?

CHR stations aren’t risky trend setters, they play the hits and that’s what their listeners are there for. Manage their expectations while sourcing new content by keeping a close eye on offerings played by alternative radio or even Youtube. Learn to recognize when a new song has just crossed the line into mainstream popularity and you can snap up songs with that sound fresh, but with a proven track record.

Establish and stick to a core guidelines when airing new music, it’s not as simple as just slotting unknown tracks into the schedule and seeing what happens. It takes skill to optimise roll out of new music. Follow these 5 tricks for best results.

  • Never forget your customer. Don’t let your music industry knowledge or personal preferences influence your track selections. Ask yourself ‘is this the type of music our listener will respond well to?’ Be sure your new music fits with your station image.
  • Create a list of criteria the new track needs to hit some or all of. Ie: Has it been featured on a recent hit show? Has it got a catchy chorus? Is it blowing up on Youtube? Etc. the more criteria it meets, the more likely you have a sure-fire winner.
  • Place the new song carefully. The best way to introduce a song is in between two very popular tracks, this way the new tune rides the excitement wave of your current hits and you won’t lose traction if it turns out to be a fizzer.
  • Let your listeners know what’s coming up after the new song, give them a reason to stick around listening, a simple way to do this to announce something like ‘coming up is our number one Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, but first a great new track by up and coming artist XXX.’
  • Be sure to come in after the song or song segment has finished and remind your listeners of the name and artist for people who tuned in halfway through.
  • Use LFM Audio’s weekly CHR Power Intro Subscription (to do the above for you… also to have the new trending Singers/Bands introduce their new song on your station). 

Sourcing and introducing new music to your listeners? It’s a breeze! just keep in mind who your audience is and by follow these easy key ideas.

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