In 2017 there are more radio stations now than ever. Streaming on the air, online and even from a bedroom at home, there’s so much to be learned and lots to be gained!

The best way to stand out from the thousands of online channels and hundreds of national radio stations is to be focused and intentional about your brand and your continued brand development. 

Ultimately, your radio is a product and an evolving, living breathing creation that has the unique capacity for regular change. Unlike other services, in radio it’s possible to merge, mould and change I accordance with industry and audience trends.

Here’s a comprehensive List of Must Have’s to Stand Out:

  1. Awesome, Regular Pod casting: because it’s another avenue to pick-up new listeners and engages the audience in a more personalized way!
  2. Radical Radio Imaging: familiar, funny or even slightly strange jingles and messages stay with listeners and anchor them to your brand. Make use of this incredible tool and recruit an experienced production unit for maximum impact.
  3. Maximize Interaction: get your brand on all of the Social Media handles asap. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. A connection to the core listeners is key – these avenues provide a multitude of connection and fun creative possibilities!
  4. Recruit Top Talent: whether it’s your prime-time host, evening or morning compare, make sure you get relatable, funny, engaging personalities on your brand. People can sense a strong and engaging personality so give your listeners one more big reason to return and remain loyal – get the top talent.
  5. Make Marketing Matter: the work is less in the product and more in marketing it. Get the best marketing consults, contractors or full-time employees on-side. It’s hard to compete with SEO Radio Sites that are fully optimized when yours isn’t, so get someone with the most up-to-date knowledge on online reach, ratings and engagement. It would also help if they know how to manage your social media (one less thing to think of).


At the end of the day, in 2017 it’s about showcasing as much of you built your brand up as it is about further brand development.

Listeners want to know what the host looks like, how the jingle was made, where the mic sits and what the crew eats for breakfast! It’s much more about personalizing and reducing the formality of radio, sounds good to us!