The future of radio, like anything, houses a ton of uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean aware and forward thinking managers can’t anticipate the skills needed to thrive in the future of the industry. With the increase of automated cars, instant podcasts and electronic media, radio programs must make changes to keep up. Here’s how:

  1. Build that Familiarity. Consumers will have choices and consumers gravitate to what they know. So that catch phrase or regular programming and, yes, that familiar voice over and jingle does wonders for your branding and will continue to do so going forward.
  2. Personality will still rule. Along the same lines, you’ll still need the right personality to hook listeners. There has been an explosion of audio content on the internet because anyone with a microphone can look up relevant information and spout it to an audience. But there’s a difference in how Dai Henwood says things and the way your Uncle Joe says things. That wit and organic humour will likely be the difference maker for an audience in a time when everything will sound the same. So be funny. Be creative. In your delivery, jingle and content.
  3. Keywords. Along the same reason content is king and websites are so SEO optimized, shows will be archived efficiently. They’ll be searchable by keywords so it will be critical to develop the ability to come up with engaging material while using buzz words that are being thrown around on the street.
  4. Radio will be interactive. With more people listening to content online and having control over content, radio has already begun to transform into its digital form. Apps like Soundcloud have changed the game. In the future, look for familiar sites like YouTube to also enter the radio market because it will be so convenient for listeners to queue up content and listen while at work. A cross-over of video skills may be necessary for those in the radio industry.


While the future is unpredictable, one thing is not: Radio will continue to evolve. So should you. Continue building your brand, developing your skills and creativity to stay ahead.




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