Commercial radio has been on the air since the 1920’s and its advent was a turning point in the way we receive fast and accurate information. Since then many different broadcasting methods have been developed, notably via television & internet but still the power of radio endures and is a preferred method of information and advertising for so many listeners.

Read on for just a few points to convince your advertisers about why radio is still one of the best ways to advertise, and why it will persist long after less reliable platforms have fallen.

  • Radio has effect. Humans have a wonderful ability to weave and craft scenarios and images from sound in a way that no printed word or static picture can do. Engaging the mind is this way encourages your prospective customer to remember certain tunes or imaging, putting your brand at the front of their minds.
  • It’s ease of use. Most people live their lives in a way that suits the radio medium. People simply can’t take advantage of TV, newspapers or the internet when driving, working or doing other activities that require hand / eye coordination. Radio is always there, pumping out sound from the car radio, workplace sound system, or home speakers.
  • Its all-inclusive. Anyone can enjoy radio, regardless of age, sex, income or literacy level. Those without the means or inclination to access internet or TV or who have trouble with the written word can all be reached.
  • Cost and time benefits. If you have a great ad idea, you can have a radio commercial ready to go in mere days if required, and at a low cost. TV advertising turnaround is weeks at best, you might have already missed a relevant window by the time its ready. All accompanied with a hefty price tag.

Advertisers on the fence about radio advertising needlessly worry about the medium reaching prospective customers, instead focusing their energy on websites, TV spots and print.

Radio is and will remain one of the best ways for your advertisers to reach customers well into the future, make sure they understand the importance or making radio advertising a priority for their business.

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