Got an idea for a promotion? Run it through the following checks to be sure you are creating a promo with winning power.

  • Does it sound great on air? For every listener that calls in for a prize, there are thousands who won’t. Still, we must keep them engaged by making exciting radio. Promotions aren’t just for the contestants, they’re for all the other listeners too. Keep them tuned in by involving them, always keep the un-named invisible listeners in mind as you craft your promotion.
  • Is it the right timing? There’s no point in planning a big promotion at the same time as your rival, you need your listeners to focus on you. Also be aware of have too many promos at your own stations, space them out for maximum effect.
  • Will it increase awareness for the stations brand? That’s what you are doing it for after all! If the listener knows the promo but can’t name the station then it has failed. It could be something as simple as giving away 98 free tickets, instead of the normal 100, to echo your frequency of 98FM.
  • Does it fit with your brand? Your listeners come to your station because of what you are, your brand and how you present yourself. A promotion that doesn’t fit in with that image will fall flat quickly. It can be easy to get carried away by an impressive sponsorship deal, but be aware that you’ll have to pass on it if you can’t make it seamlessly fit in with your image.
  • Will it have an original edge? If you can’t come up with a completely original idea, and are going with a classic, tried and true promo make sure that you put your own individual stamp on it to keep it fresh for listeners.
  • Is it budget friendly? Before you shell out top dollar for a big promotion be sure that it’s achievable. A great idea will be easy to sell to appropriate sponsors, and combined with a little imagination in execution, you could be running a high profile promo with little to no outlay. Even better, by making a profit!

Promotions take creativity, thought and perseverance. With these tips you’ll be well on your way to quality programming.