Ever wonder why you can’t find announcers with the same rich and vibrant voices as bigger stations?

Its not because they are able to afford better talent or just have better luck, it’s likely because they have discovered and utilized the outstanding sound that comes from using a mike processor.

A mike processor is a much needed piece of equipment that any station desiring a professional sound must use, yet smaller fledgling stations often forget to add it to their inventory.

For just a few hundred dollars a mike processor will equalize, compress and expand voices coming through the mike before it hits the board, giving rich, polished tones and sound.

A surprising benefit of using a processor aside from its great radio sound is the effect it has on your presenters. As they hear the sound of their voices coming through in an expert, slick sounding way, it boosts their confidence leading to confident, up-beat and more entertaining broadcasts.

There are a number of different ways to set and use your mike processor, once you have made the beneficial step of purchasing one it is simply a matter of experimenting and finding the best system for your station. Here are just a few tips to help you on your way.

Don’t just set and forget. Each announcer will have different requirements from a mike processor depending on their voice patterns. The settings that make your morning voice sound awesome may cause your afternoon voice sound flat or too processed. Figure out what works best for each member of your team.  Also keep an eye on compression. Make sure your processor isn’t blunting the edges of consonants, this results in the listener having a hard time in clarifying the announcers words.

Mike processors are key in making your station sound like the radio big boys. You can have your station sounding polished and professional while simultaneously bolstering your presenters on-air presence with ease. The only question left is why haven’t you already got one?


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