Setting up an internet radio station is an exciting process, but nothing is more exhilarating than seeing your listenership and fan base numbers tick up. However getting the ball rolling and attracting new listeners is one of the toughest jobs in starting a station, and one that many managers can find disheartening as the listener count can sit stagnant with sub-standard marketing.

The truth is that building a listener base takes persistence and time, plus a few key tactics developed by experienced radio industry professionals. Read on for some of these tested ideas to kick-start your stations listenership.

  • Great Guests.

Interesting guests are an excellent way to draw listeners in, not only do they introduce new and exciting conversation and topics, they will likely have their own friends, family and fan base tune in to listen. That’s a big new pool of potential listeners you can convert to regulars. Great guests come from many quarters; try an up and coming local band, public figure or wacky personality to shake things up. Don’t forget to have a good set of questions ready to go and advertise your upcoming guest on your website and social media.

  • Love your Listeners.

Involve your listeners by way of call-ins and requests, highlight listeners interacting on your social media by reading out topical or humorous tweets and mentions. People love to feel involved and it’s a great way to start up good word of mouth recommendations from happy listeners.

  • Sell the Schedule.

After all the care of putting together a cracker of a schedule it would be a shame for no one to be aware of what is coming up. Be sure to promote your scheduling on your website and social media focusing on special features and programs to let your potential listeners know when to tune in. Also never underestimate the power of a simple jingle promoting upcoming shows scattered into your schedule.

  • Boost your Brand.

While social media is the number one way to reach out to current and new listeners there are other ways to market your brand and get your listener count moving. Try submitting your station to online radio station directories and invest in Google Adwords for affordable yet effective promotion. Get old school with your local audience by dropping leaflets and posting flyers. Make sure your brand is strong and consistant as well, whether through your format or by having memorable and relevant radio imaging.


Listeners are spoilt for choice when it comes to internet radio stations, stand out from the crowd with great marketing, entertaining content , smart scheduling and you’ll start to see a healthy growth of a real, responsive audience responding to great radio.


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