The often repeated idea that young people don’t listen to radio is a false one, they still do, but for shorter periods of time. This is due to the huge entertainment options available at an instant through smartphones, so our question has to be: In this multi-media platform world, how can we grab their attention and keep them from bouncing away?

Keep them looking forward. Anything that they consider boring is a potential place for them to switch off. Get them over the humps by pre-selling content, let them know about an upcoming segment, popular song etc, anything to keep them hanging on.

Feature fresh and edgy new music. The young listener already has your top 40 hits saved to their spotify album, why would they listen to a radio station where the music flow is interrupted by ads, when they could just listen to them unencumbered on their iphone? Frequently throw out new tunes to stop them in their tracks, kids are always looking for new music, become their go-to for discovery.

Get to them fast. Publishing to your social media and website should be near simultaneous with your broadcast. You’ve got to be quick, it’s no longer about waiting for them to come to you, it’s about pushing yourself in front of them. Frequent, fresh content is best, and it had better be across the board: Youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr etc to cast a wide net.

Make your personalities personable. Once younger listeners have discovered a presenter they like they want to feel connected with them, make sure your presenters are also heavily engaged with their own social media network in a non-forced, candid fashion. Young people are especially sensitive to fake, disingenuous marketing and will run a mile.

Hit things while they are hot. In this fast paced world, reporting or addressing a trend or issue a day later is simply too late. Take for example the infamous gold/white – blue/black dress debate. By the time mainstream media got a hold of it, the kids online were already over it and mocking it. Keep your ear to the ground and act swiftly.

If your target market falls under the 25+ audience, you need to start tailoring your programming and marketing to suit their lifestyles. Stay current, thrash social media and ensure your imaging suits your market.

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